Titan White Graffiti Sneaker by Naked Wolfe

Emerging amidst the height of this year’s sneaker hype, the Titan White Graffiti sneaker – another creation of rising footwear brand Naked Wolfe – simply stands out.


The Titan White Graffiti Sneaker features in Naked Wolfe’s collection of stunning Track sneakers, alongside with the Track Neon Green and others. The sneaker has leather trimmings and a bold stacked rubber sole that gives it a chunky appearance. Stiff-looking and bulky, the sole boasts the “softest” and “most flexible” material. This makes the Titan White Graffiti a comfortable item of street-wear while still being a breathtakingly indulgent piece of art.

Titan White Graffiti design’s signature element is the punky colorful Graffiti print that covers one side of each piece of the pair. Forgoing all the minimalism of shoe-making, Titan White Graffiti’s display of graphic elements pull off a chic hip-hop vibe. The same spirit projects itself onto the dirty-looking leather-trimming, emphasizing rough chicness and naughtiness.

Credit: Naked Wolfe Man


Credit: @babies_yu



The Titan White Graffitis stand out beautifully when combined with plain or meagerly decorated clothes...

Credit: @andreadigiovanniThe Titan White Graffitis stand out beautifully when combined with plain or meagerly decorated clothes…


Credit: Naked Wolfe Man. Yet, it also works well when you pair these sneakers with a trench coat that has abstract, graffiti-like printed details.


Credit: lucasglen_casalmaggiore. Last, but not least: a risky but worth-trying combination of the Titan White Graffitis and a colorful, Versace-wannabe silk top.

Every pair of Titan White Graffitis is all hand-crafted to embody Naked Wolfe’s ideals of a luxury footwear brand. This is why there will almost be some slight differences between the sneakers.

Being a product of manual work means a lot of meticulousness goes into the creation of these sneakers. Yet, the Titan White Graffitis sell at quite a reasonable price, catering for a wide group of sneaker-lovers.

The Titan White Graffiti’s unique trend-capturing yet rule-breaking design is a sure appeal for any sneaker fans. Undoubtedly a sensation, the Titan White Graffiti sneakers would make a great addition to your wardrobe.


  • Hand-Made
  • Leather + Mesh Upper
  • Full Leather insole
  • Super Light Rubber Sole

Price: 6,558,419 VND

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