The Louis Vuitton Maison In Singapore

Louis Vuitton Maison

In mid-September 2011, Louis Vuitton Maison opened the chain’s largest store on water in Singapore. The store, which is on the water side of Marina Bay Promenade, is a massive upscale mall and hospitality complex. 

This is the first “maison” – which means “house” in French – in Southeast Asia and there are only 12 such stores around the world; it took about a year to finish.

The Louis Vuitton Maison is not only a luxury retail destination but also an experiential space designed to highlight the artistic and cultural life of the city

The Louis Vuitton Maison was designed by internationally renowned architect Peter Marino. This luxury paradise is located in a greenhouse with a nautical-inspired interior. The glass pavilion is a 25,000 square foot structure, emerging from the surrounding water. The unique 300 ceiling panels and curtain panels have been raised with a UV-resistant membrane to protect luxury goods displayed inside the sun rays.

The interior of the building is modeled on a luxurious boat with teak floors, details like ropes and windows, decorated with brown, white and blue colors. When you enter the store, it’s absolutely beautiful with plenty of natural lights, water views and spacious layout.

► ► ►  Shoppers can enter the store by boat and jetty, by using an outdoor bridge or through a tunnel linked to the shopping center and in the walkway, there are various artworks portraying a similar island theme.

But taking the stairs which they call a “travelator” is recommended, so you can admire the panoramic view of the store from the second floor.

There are three levels of retail space inside the building

1. The basement

→ Bookstore

This is the biggest Louis Vuitton Bookstore in the world. You can discover every category of Louis Vuitton, also books on travel, design, art, and culture.

→ From the bookstore, a spiral staircase leads Shoppers to a space displaying timepieces, fine jewelry, and other leather items

The spiral staircase has a painting by Ruben Toledo

Watch and Jewelery

→ Tunnel to Crystal Pavilion

Art Gallery

Next to the bookstore is the tunnel leading Shoppers to the Crystal Pavilion. The tunnel which is a mural finished with Singapore’s iconic images.

2. The Crystal Pavilion

The Crystal Pavilion or the first floor is full of men’s and women’s leather, shoes, accessories and ready-to-wear items.

The Women’s Universe

The Women’s Universe has 11m of floating ceiling and windows are like trapezoidal sails. The nautical-inspired spaces use traditional marine materials, including timbers used for ships and rocks of harbors and slipways.

Women’s Ready-To-Wear Section

Women’s Shoes Area

The Men’s Universe

The Men’s Universe has nautical feature rendered in timber, while the Women’s Universe has masts of sailing ships suspended in the air and looks like a Monte Carlo cruiser.

A carpet with a nautical theme follows the outline of the women’s accessory lounge

The Dedicated “Bag Bar”

Above the Women’s “Bag Bar”, Peter Marino hung a 15m x 8m twisted wooden sculpture called “Upper Strut”, by British artist Richard Deacon. If you see it from different angles and from different levels, artwork seems to move flexibly on large spaces.

3. The mezzanine level

→ The Travel Room

The Travel Room focuses on the spirit of travel and memorable journeys so they expect to find all the famous luggage pieces that made Louis Vuitton famous – trunks, carryalls, duffles and hat boxes.

→ The private VIP lounge

The private VIP lounge where you can relax, stay out of the public eye, while store staff bring you products to pursue.

→ The outdoor “loggia” or balcony

Outside the mezzanine is a full-size porch, like a cruise deck, with wooden planks, reclining sofas and stunning views of the Singapore financial center across the bay.

The new Louis Vuitton Singapore “Island Maison”, will not only be a destination for Shoppers but also a place for anyone interested in quality art and design; and this crystal ship will become another symbol of the development of Marina Bay.


New Event: Louis Vuitton’s Hot Air Balloon

Louis Vuitton has brought its hot air balloon pop up animation to their Marina Bay Sands Island Maison, from now till January 6 next year.

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