Louis Vuitton Box Scott

Box Scott with Monogram Print, S-Trunk Lock, and VNN Leather

The house of Louis Vuitton (LV) never fails to attract attention to their collections of clothes and accessories. Just recently, the renowned fashion brand has surprised fashion lovers with another stunning creation – the Box Scott. A tiny, glamorous piece studded with LV emblems, the Box Scott joined a roster of very rare, almost sold-out everywhere accessories of the renowned French malletier.



The bulk of the Box Scott is made of Plexiglass and strongly resembles the very popular Cannes Bag – another LV’s beauty. Finely wrought on one side with the signature Trunk S-lock, the box harks back to LV’s timeless elegance of the classical trunk designs. Besides, many LV devotees may also recognize the presence of the unique, “unpickable” S-lock. The subtle Monogram print that covers the box, however, bears the clearest testament to  LV’s global class. 

Costing around $1000 in and being quite small, and coming with a VVN(1) leather band atop, the Box Scott is completely affordable and portable. As a result of its small size, the box mainly serves the purpose of holding cosmetic products and jewelry. Interestingly, the Box Scott’s leather band can be decked out with silk scarves, or LV silk shawls. These decorative items would not only lend more aesthetic appeal to the box but also afford the customers different ways to handle it conveniently and customize its design to their liking.

LV Box Scott’s design possesses a futuristic edge. However, there is a fair share of elegant and minimalistic beauty about the box that blends well with different choices of wardrobe ranging from simple day dresses to sexy night dresses. Below are several ways to style with the Box Scott!


The Box Scott has proven itself a covetable fashion item for many women. Its graceful chicness shines and makes it many’s favorite worldwide.

Detail features:

Product code: GI0203

20.0 x 20.0 cm

(length  x height)

Plexiglass, VVN Leather and Metal

Monogram print and Trunk S-lock signatures


$925 USD (varied)

(1)VVN: a French acronym for Vache Végétale Naturelle, or more commonly referred to as Vachetta Leather – a kind of premium leather made known by Louis Vuitton

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