Why Do People Prefer to Buy Branded Fashion?

Imagine that you walk into a store and see a simple T-shirt for $20 and a famous brand that you recognize is selling for $25. Do you choose a brand or a lower priced product? It’s more likely to buy a brand, isn’t it? Because you know that you are buying a good quality product from a reliable company. However, you are not sure what you are getting with a no-name label.


Over time, brands have created a sense of quality, consistency and trust.  They also evoke memories and feelings associated with quality. However, the brand is extremely valuable and makes many people feel surprised. It can be seen that most of us still do not understand why the brand is so expensive.


Hermes stitching

Quality is a top priority when it comes to branding. Branded items are usually better than the counterfeit ones. With branded clothing, from high-end materials to sewing lines, all meticulously to every detail. 

✶ Production Costs

Why fashion branding is so expensive? That is because of the cost and reputation of the company. These are two of the main reasons that branding is becoming more expensive.

Most famous brands are located in Europe, where technology and raw materials are strictly controlled. Labor costs here are also much higher than in Asia, so the price of the product is also higher.

✶ Limited Production

One of the marketing strategies can help increase the value of the product is for sale only a limited quantity. A fashion item for example shoes, which is only produced 100 pairs per campaign will be worth much higher than tens of thousands of products. In addition, the mentality of a customer who owns a product labeled “Limited Edition” will also make them willing to spend more money.

✶ Creative design

It takes a lot of time and effort of the designers to create a new fashion trend for expensive clothes. And most of these designs will soon be seen as standard models for the market, which is always easy to be copied by mass-production units. Even so, expensive clothes or luxury clothes are always ahead and are considered as market-oriented icon.

Alber Elbaz, Lanvin’s creative director, shared that he had to design about five to six samples, and finally chose one after the screening

✶ Brand value

Back in 2014, Burberry had made the world astonished by raising price of all their products so that their brand was more appreciated. They accepted the loss of a segment of customers who tend to spend less money but in return, Burberry’s brand value would be pushed and customers in the higher segment would feel more satisfied. 

At the same time, Burberry’s customers buy and wear their clothes not only for good material, beautiful design but also a statement to everyone around that they have enough “economic conditions” to wear Burberry.

First lady Melania Trump wears classic $1,995 Burberry trench coat for European arrival

Brand name is expensive, but can not deny the value, the benefits that it brings especially spiritual value

༄ Reasons Why People Prefer to Buy Branded Fashion ༄

1. Brands represent who we are

The brands we use make statements about who we are and who we want to be. People become attached to the brands they use and see them as a part of their image.

2. Brand makes a difference

Take Hermes’ products for example. It is seductive, because they overturn the inanimate state, and become something both personal and alive, customers want to buy because they feel that things make a difference.

3. Brands provide safety

Quality represents the prestige of the brand. The durability of  luxury products 5 – 7 times higher than the normal products. Just a small fault in products, the manufacturer is ready for the guillotine not to ship.

Happy feet = Happy life
Expensive shoes are usually made to last, with better materials and craftsmanship. They not only look more beautiful, but also fit better and last longer, better for the health of your legs, and will cost less in the long run

4. Brands add value

Why do we pay higher prices for brands than unbranded or generic items? Is it better quality, interface, or stature of the brand in society? It’s probably a combination of each. In reality, one of the biggest reasons that luxury brands can charge a lot for their clothing is because there is a market for it.

There was a time when Burberry was known as the clothing choice for football hooligans but they succeeded in repositioning themselves as a leading brand in luxury fashion and being one of the most expensive brands in the world.

5. Brands give consumers a reason to share

We all have different opinions about things we experience. When reading a good book or watching an interesting movie, we like to share it with others. Even in fashion, a branded item, it gives us the enthusiasm with sharing too. 

With Hermès, the horse logo evokes the origin of the brand, which is related to horses and carriages. In other words, Hermès would like to remind: in order to be successful, you have to build on tradition, to ensure continuity, inheritance and to develop something new on the basis of the old

Since 1937, Hermes has produced silk scarves. Audrey Hepburn wore it in countless iconic photos and Grace Kelly famously used it as a sling for her broken arm.

6. Another reason people choose fashionable brands is because of their favorite celebrities

Emma Stone stars in her first Louis Vuitton campaign

Some people search for their idols and see the costumes or shoes they wear and the brands they create. Celebrities play an important role when it comes to the fashion industry, especially for those who are worshiping them. 

We all have the right to enjoy all the good

“I worked so hard that I deserved it, and I knew exactly what to buy without feeling wasted.

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